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a new beauty ecosystem

As the first beauty brand to integrate vertical farming into skincare, Ulé came to SMAKK to strategically position their brand for their initial launch in France and develop a go-to-market strategy across their content channels, with an eye on future expansion across Europe.

Ulé was born as an intrapreneurial concept within the Shiseido Group in order to take a more conscious approach to nature while still delivering high-performance results. The Ulé Eco-Farm is an agricultural and technological breakthrough in terms of eco-responsibility, efficacy and safety. There was a large story to tell not just around their vertical farm, but in terms of their unique formulation and extraction process. We boldly positioned the brand as a new beauty ecosystem—one that is driven by connection, transparency and an undeniable joie de vivre—to inspire a more abundant future for all.

SMAKK was responsible for brand strategy, product naming, messaging, press kit copy, social copy, website copy and website design.

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