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skincare for soft objects

Looking to set a new standard of luxury skincare for people with sensitive skin, Day + West partnered with SMAKK to turn softness into a strength.

Day+West was created to prove that soothing solutions for easily irritated, reactive, rosacea-prone, and sensitive skin could not only co-exist but indulge a passion for luxurious self-care. With three clean, chemist-formulated, and foundational skincare solutions, we knew we could position Day + West as a credible, science-backed option that offers a poetic experience and a moment of beauty, surrender, and self-care.

SMAKK led everything from naming the brand to creating its e-commerce experience, website and packaging design, and messaging with an empathetic respect for sensitive strength, and the beauty embodied by those polarities.

  • brand_strategy
  • naming
  • brand_messaging
  • packaging_design
  • ecommerce_ux_ui_design
  • shopify_development
  • art_direction
  • photo_production
  • email_marketing
  • social_media_strategy
Photography of Day+West products with illustrations of circles. Day+West products in water alongside Day+West Logo Graphic that reads: Image of Day+West Products. Woman using products, two paintings. Day+West products on display Day+West website shown on smartphones. Image of Day+West Product on display with packaging. Text alongside it reading: Image of Day+West Face Mist with text reading: Day+West Quiet Force Face Oil with text reading:
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