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We offer strategic branding, content, digital, and marketing so brands making a positive impact can take over the world.

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We’re true partners from brand awareness to sales. Our holistic approach means we help your brand seize opportunities and grow – so you see ROI with us.

Driven by strategy

We start by crafting a plan to make the biggest impact: then execute the branding, ecommerce sites, campaigns, and marketing to get the job done.

Creative with purpose

Consumers are increasingly driven by their values. We build beautiful brands and experiences that embrace sustainability, health, and social impact.

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When a beauty brand redesigned its hero product, we designed a new brand and packaging system to match.

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The Honey Pot Company

By humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.

We gave this plant-based feminine care line a brand revamp and strategically-driven ecommerce update.

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Future-fitting our city, one building at a time.

The NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability tapped us to build a brand as bold its 80x50 Environmental Plan.

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what we do

Brand. Build. Grow.

Our capabilities strategically support the full funnel of elevated brand building through smart growth. Simply put, we’re here to make sure you have the right tools, and do the right thing, at the right time.

Concept to Ecommerce

We’ve been guiding early stage brands to direct-to-consumer success for over a decade. Our Concept to Ecommerce process, uses the full force of our team’s proven expertise to craft go-to-market strategies then develop the branding, digital experiences, and marketing campaigns to launch differentiated consumer product lines for rapid ecommerce growth.

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Brand Strategy + Development

We craft brands that are authentic, differentiated, and poised for global growth. Great brands are built by uncovering the unique, understanding how to stand out from the competition, and knowing where to take risks. We develop unique positioning, then create the brand multifaceted toolkits for growth – offering brand workshops, strategy development, visual identities, messaging, creative, and content for all of your consumer touchpoints.

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Packaging Design

We design stunning packaging programs for differentiated shelf presence and impactful ecommerce shipping experiences. In our process we stress finding cost effective material solutions that move towards plastic reduction, plastic free, and sustainable certifications that can realistically work across your global supply chain. With experience across food, beauty, haircare, personal care, wellness, and pharmaceuticals we know how to create designs that meet FDA, EU, and global compliance while communicating differentiated product benefits to consumers.

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Ecommerce Strategy + Development

Ecommerce isn't just technical capability for us – it's business strategy expertise we've honed for over a decade. We're focused on crafting direct-to-consumer sites that are built to convert. We create robust Shopify Plus experiences, conversion funnels with considered UX, and integrations that work across the full funnel of marketing tactics that drive traffic and incentivize repeat purchasing. We integrate ESP strategy to all of our builds, designing, mapping, and creating content for sophisticated email marketing campaigns and segmentation strategies.

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Website Design + Development

Our team brings brands to life across digital experiences, crafting optimized user experiences, stunning designs, and solid development solutions for robust websites.

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Marketing Campaigns + Content

We produce content to launch and grow robust brands – creating ad campaigns and content to differentiate brands, drive customer acquisition, sales and brand awareness. We're seasoned experts at creative concepting, art direction, and production for video and photo shoots featuring products and lifestyle content for global campaigns, websites, and social media. 

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Growth Strategy + Tactics

Certain tactics are proven to drive traffic and revenue for ecommerce brands – we work across all of them. Our full funnel marketing strategies drive traffic and help our clients own their marketing tactics including social media, digital advertising, email marketing, influencer campaigns, SEO/SEM strategies, and content marketing. We develop content and cross-channel campaigns that effectively deploy creative at different levels so our clients meet the pace at which modern consumers are consuming content and engaging with brands.

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“Working with SMAKK has been an absolute game-changing experience for me and my brand.”

Beatrice Dixon, CEO
The Honey Pot Company

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