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Mother Dirt

nature’s dirty secret

With billions of live bacteria powering their skincare, Mother Dirt asked SMAKK to power a rebrand with the kind of celebratory self-acceptance defining a new narrative in skincare.


Mother Dirt is a science-backed skincare brand birthed by MIT researchers that uses beneficial bacteria to restore the skin’s natural microbiome. Inspired by a movement of self-acceptance when it came to skin conditions like acne and eczema, we knew that embracing all skin types by owning “skin wellness” rather than “skincare” would not only make them culturally relevant, but help them connect with people on an emotional level.

SMAKK led the brand and marketing strategy and execution, creative, and website and packaging design. We created a suite of copy conventions to explain active ingredients simply but with personality, and looked to the thriving microbiome for visual inspiration.

  • brand_strategy
  • branding_visual_identity
  • brand_messaging
  • packaging_design
  • ecommerce_ux_ui_design
  • shopify_development
  • art_direction
  • photo_production
  • social_media_content
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