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Skincare For Soft Objects

As anyone who has dealt with sensitive skin knows, skincare is an exhaustive daily battle against irritation. In too many cases, customers find solace in sterile, clinical formulations that feel anything but indulgent and continually remind them of their vulnerability in the world. Day + West partnered with SMAKK to shift perceptions of sensitive skin—and help turn softness into a strength.



Conceptualized by a former intelligence officer (yes, you read that right), Day+West was inspired by founder Gabrielle Braden’s personal experiences weathering long-haul flights to austere locales, dealing with stress and the toll it can take on skin. Born with remarkably reactive and highly sensitive skin, she spent her life in pursuit of solutions to soothe her easily-irritated, rosacea-prone cheeks, and indulge her passion for luxurious self-care. Working with chemists at a lab for over a year to formulate three clean, foundational skincare solutions, Braden then turned to SMAKK to build the Day+West brand.


Why We Loved This Project

We wanted Day+West to feel premium and indulgent while also earning credibility with customers that have sensitive skin. We were excited to create more of a poetic experience than a straightforward brand, avoiding the mass market feel of most sensitive skin solutions and inviting consumers to have a moment of beauty, surrender and self-care wherever they are in the day and in the world. This meant rethinking each brand touchpoint with a similarly empathetic respect for sensitivity and the wellbeing of its customers. Beginning with the name Day+West (a reference to legendary actresses Doris Day and Mae West), SMAKK embraced these very different embodiments of beauty and leaned into the idea of polarities as a cornerstone for the brand.



We worked with Day + West to develop a brand name, visual identity, messaging, ecommerce design, copywriting, website development and packaging. Sustainability was a primary concern, and we used our expertise to not only ensure that shipping containers and glass packaging were both made of recycled materials and easily recyclable, but also took into account proximity of materials to cut down on carbon emissions. Even the plastic applicators and caps were made of recycled plastic and meant to be reused with future purchases.

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Brand Strategy | Visual Identity | Messaging | Packaging | Ecommerce Design | Shopify Development | Direct-To-Consumer Strategy | UX Design | Copywriting

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