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Busy Co.

clean wipes for messy moments

When Busy Co. went all-in on their most popular product, single-use wipes, they partnered with SMAKK to give their best seller a new brand, and packaging system to match.

Busy Beauty Co was founded to give women back time in their days through showerless solutions that provide the convenience of single-use wipes, without the guilt that comes with their environmental impact. We knew these time-saving and biodegradable wipes would need a design and copy system to express these virtues along with the relevant skin benefits unique to each line, and loved the challenge of creating a packaging system that is unified and flexible, yet playful and memorable.

SMAKK led the brand strategy and naming, and designed a benefit-based brand system that would help with wayfinding online and on shelf. We also built a copy toolkit that could flexibly express the time and eco-friendly benefits of the wipes to bring the brand to life.

  • brand_strategy
  • branding_visual_identity
  • naming
  • brand_messaging
  • ecommerce_ux_ui_design
  • packaging_design
  • art_direction
Woman smiling with Busy Co logo on the image. Hi You! Busy, but Beautiful. Who says we can't have both. Our bodies, our lives, and our planet are complicated., overloaded, and beautiful, and each deserve the best care (and indulgence), no matter how short the time. Woman stretching on image with text Compostable: Made from natural, biodegradable fibers that breakdown naturally when composted. Recycled materials: We use leftover fabric scraps from clothing manufacturing to make our wipes. Plus factories also run entirely on wind power! Cruelty free: Our wipes are 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Safe: Free from anything harmful, including artificial fragrance, parabens, and aluminum. Hand holding wipe with text reading: Three phone screens displaying Busy Co's instagram posts. Hand stretching wipe with text reading: Image displaying a food mess and clutter on table, text reading: Three wipes shown in their packaging Six wipes on display in their packaging
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