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let’s raise the floof 

Looking to stress the importance of hygiene in the overall health and wellbeing of dogs, FLOOF partnered with SMAKK to create a new standard in dog care – from head to tail.

FLOOF is a dog wellness brand that creates premium products, developed by a vet dermatologist, to address the specific fur and skin needs of dogs. We loved the challenge of creating the brand in a way that felt credible and science-backed, similar to what we were seeing in the human skincare space, but we knew we had to balance that with making fur and skincare a fun, enjoyable and essential part of caring for your dog.

SMAKK led everything from brand strategy and visual identity to packaging, ecommerce design and development, messaging, DTC strategy and more – putting a large focus on education to position FLOOF as a leader in dog hygiene without losing a sense of joy and dynamism.

  • brand_strategy
  • branding_visual_identity
  • brand_messaging
  • packaging_design
  • ecommerce_ux_ui_design
  • shopify_development
  • art_direction
  • photo_production
  • social_media_strategy
  • email_marketing
Man petting dog on the floor with FLOOF products next to them and text on image reading: Image of dog on hind leg. Image of FLOOF products on display. Text readinf: A New Standard In Dog Care Tablet displaying the FLOOF website. Illustrations of a doc collar, a comb, a spray, a dog cake, an oven mitt, and a loudspeaker. Images of FLOOF products on display, Image of person wiping a dog's paw. Image of FLOOF dog shampoo, image of person hugging dog, image of FLOOF tote bag. Image of dog in bathtub with FLOOF dog conditioner and dog shampoo and text above it that reads:
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