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BRIC Hip Hop

celebrating bk culture

Looking to share different facets of Brooklyn’s rich culture with the Brooklyn community, BRIC partnered with SMAKK to create the branding for BRIC Hip-Hop as well as design an ever-green line of BRIC merch that would both revamp and energize their prominent role in the Borough, while digging deep into its history, and their legacy there.

BRIC is a leading arts and media institution anchored in Downtown Brooklyn whose work spans contemporary visual and performing arts, media, and civic action. BRIC’s unique and meaningful hand in pushing culture forward in BK required making messaging and design choices that would both pay homage to the borough’s past cultural monuments while boldly laying the foundation for new pillars to stand beside them.

In approaching an iterative brand refresh for BRIC Hip-Hop on its 50th year as well as designing a line of merch for their 2023 summer Block Party, we wanted to portray the rich history of hip-hop and art in Brooklyn through a modern lens. Drawing from the prolificity of Brooklyn’s diverse creative communities from hip-hop to street art to create flexible logo variations, badges, iconography and patterning that would help position BRIC as a hub and playground for Brooklyn’s culture at large.

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