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A personalized path to fulfilling work.

Audo was originally founded as a marketplace to empower students to find meaningful work while still in school, but came to SMAKK as it was growing into an AI-powered career-building platform for Gen Z as well as lifelong learners. 

We loved that Audo was creating something inclusive that truly took the emotional and financial wellness of their audience into consideration, and not just the usual academic rhetoric. We knew we needed to push the boundaries of design and messaging to stand out while balancing a timeless feel that is still fresh and different without being distracting, dated or trendy. This meant moving away from words, symbols and structures that were borrowed from university or college vernacular or environments and leaning into the gamification aspect to Audo to help create a different look and feel without losing credibility. 

SMAKK was responsible for brand strategy, naming, visual identity, and messaging that connected with Gen Z and brought new life to a space that is often cloaked in antiquated, stuffy and sometimes unapproachable aesthetics—helping Audo stand out in a more dynamic, bold culture of education.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Naming
  • Brand Messaging
  • Ecommerce UX/UI Design
Three phone screens displaying Audo's three different instagram posts. A grey pop-up displaying different icons along with a user's profile picture Shows a laptop open with the Audo website on the screen laptop displaying Audo dashboard on the screen with a user profile, activity level, and a suggested course. Two people working with each other on a laptop, smiling. A poster on a fence showing Audo marketing materials. A display room with some Audo graphics written on a board. Billboard with Audo marketing materials. It shows a new user profile with text that reads Three different users on this graphic with their job titles listed below them,
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