Time to shine

We created a fresh, feminine brand for a fun-focused line of timepieces.

The Challenge

Wristology is a unique ecommerce brand bringing accessible fashion accessories to women everywhere. They came to SMAKK to help them take on new challenges and articulate their unique fashion philosophy as they repositioned themselves to target a larger portion of the market. First, the brand wanted to differentiate from the other timepiece brands. Wristology was founded on the belief that fashion should be fun, and style need not be serious. Second, because Wristology is dedicated to helping women express their own personal style – they asked SMAKK to help them create a digital platform to encourage creativity.

Our Approach

We started this project by distilling the Wristology brand DNA. With a brand dedicated personal expression, it was important to create a messaging platform where quirkiness is celebrated, puns are welcome, and clever wit is encouraged.

Beyond the brand platform, integrating social content from sources like Instagram, influencers and style bloggers was a must. We built the ecommerce site to showcase product beautifully and leverage content from the brands' huge community of fans. A custom watch builder allows users to design their own watches, and a new landing page for affiliates drives Wristology's growing network of brand ambassadors.

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