William T. Grant Foundation

8 decades of shaping social change

We helped launch the William T. Grant Foundation’s new mission with a fresh visual identity and website.

The Challenge

The William T. Grant Foundation is the oldest grantmaking nonprofit dedicated to research that improves the lives of young Americans. Recently, they unveiled their bold new initiative: taking on the growing inequality amongst this generation of children. That’s when they came to SMAKK to revitalize their visual identity and create a website that could spread their message, simplify research findings, and streamline the grant application process.

Visualizing a new brand identity

To establish the brand goals for the new visual identity, we collaborated closely with the William T Grant leadership and communications team. After diving deep into the organization’s rich past, altruistic mission, and breathtaking accomplishments, we crafted a logo and visual identity that at once honors its profound legacy while projecting its ambitious vision for the future.

Communicating the organization's new focus

The next step was creating a blueprint for WTGrantFoundation.org, a site with the dual role of delivering on their new communications strategy and providing a rich resource for their three main audiences: researchers, press people, and practitioners. The site also showcases inspirational quotes and beautiful imagery that reinforce their mission.

Setting a new standard for online applications

Our UX team transformed a complicated grant research and application process into an easy-to-use experience. Now researchers and applicants can simply search for grants and apply on any device through a fully responsive design.

A website through the ages

Lots of people talk about making a difference. The awe-inspiring folks at the William T. Grant Foundation have actually been do something about it since 1936. We brought their impressive legacy to life on the site by creating an interactive timeline that leverages their historical archive and contemporary media.

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