Wild Babs

Healthy Snacking Gone Wild

A brand new snacking experience full of whole grains and crunchy love? Yes plz.

Wild Rice Meets Coconut, Finds Love

When the country's premium producer of wild rice wanted to bring their secret snacking recipe to the grocery store, they came to SMAKK to develop a new grab-and-go brand to appeal to millennials, Gen-Zs, and healthy snackers at any age. The result: Wild Babs Coco Noms – gluten-free, full of energy, flavor, healthy carbs and protein, they're the go to for snacking on-the-go.

Bold Snacking Ahead

We crafted a brand as fun as these snacks are to eat. Developing the brand voice, messaging, and on-package product benefits, we reflected Wild Babs belief that health and bold tastes should go hand-in-hand. The visual identity and packaging are designed for high visibility on shelf, and to call out the unique ingredients in each delicious flavor. The brand's first test launch in NYC was met with a resounding, "yes please!" from discerning buyers at Zabar's, Forager, New Stand, the Heath Nuts, Garden of Eden, Brooklyn Fare, Westside Market, and more – and products sold out in days. Look out for more Wild Babs in 2019!

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