Waggo Home

Designing a happy-centric home brand

We helped turn a boutique pet company into a modern home and lifestyle brand with an all-new ecommerce experience.

The Challenge

In 2012, we helped launch Waggo, a new line of dog accessories and the brainchild of Regine Raab, a former Marc Jacobs designer. Two years and many sales later, we re-launched their brand as Waggo Home, a modern home and lifestyle company. The challenge was to create a website that could introduce their expanded offerings and make it easy for the company to continue to grow.

Our Approach

We started by analyzing two years of data to understand the current Waggo customers, their behaviors and shopping habits. We then studied the competitive market and found ways to streamline the site design and user experience to increase online sales.

The Product as Hero

We designed the Waggo Home website with a fun and modern aesthetic, just like their beautiful products. Our goal was to design and develop a site that puts their products at the forefront and allows them to shine.

An easy breezy way to shop

All of our best practices for ecommerce are incorporated into the site. We added category callouts for better SEO, made managing your cart easier than ever, and integrated social sharing right on the site. This helped to grow their customer base and raise mobile sales by 10%. We also raised their subscription sign-ups by 15% with an email marketing strategy that includes discount codes.

Filtering is fun

We’ve found that by making an interactive search process that mirrors how customers search for home products offline, people are more likely to engage with the site and find products that they want to buy. We designed a custom filter on the site that makes the shopping experience fun and specific. Search for products by color swatch, select a specific size, or see best-selling items with one click.

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