The Honey Pot Company

Growing a plant-based personal care brand.

By humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.


When founder Bea Feliu-Espada couldn't find clean, plant-based products to meet her feminine care needs, she took matters into her own hands, and the Honey Pot Company was born. In 2018, as the brand geared up for rapid growth, they tapped SMAKK to oversee brand and marketing strategy, and well as provide creative, digital, and social media content development. From refined positioning, to a completely overhauled ecommerce launch, we developed an elevated brand that makes even the most intimate conversations around feminine care approachable.

For Humans with Vaginas, By Humans with Vaginas

It takes one to know one – and as the Honey Pot Company continues its considered growth rolling out new products across personal care needs – we defined the brand presence and updated packaging to keep the brand cohesive and fresh. We updated the brand guidelines and marketing vocabulary to take on everything from sexual care to probiotics.

Here's to a Happy Honey Pot!

Across the Honey Pot Company's digital presence we continued the brand's bold voice and personality – taking on frank discussions with fans about vaginal health, and bringing customers into the conversation. Photography and product education content underscore the herbal formulas and their benefits, while keeping a modern aesthetic that's loved by mass market retailers like Target and Walmart. And as the Honey Pot Company continues to roll out new products, the SMAKK team is managing packaging design, content planning, email marketing, ad creative, social media content and more.

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