The Braven Accelerator

The next generation of global leaders

A bold brand platform to unleash the potential of America's next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

The Braven believe that our next generation of global leaders can emerge from everywhere. They support students from overlooked zip codes where the US government actually looks at high school enrollment to predict future prison capacity, and making it to college takes tremendous drive, character and integrity. Unfortunately, many of the students are the first in their families to attend college, and without a support network, the odds state they are more likely to drop out before graduation. To support these students, the Braven are building a bold, ambitious support network to take the most talented, hard-working and driven high school students and help them succeed in their next challenge, college.


We created a bold brand identity for Braven that represents the organization’s mission and values; and communicates the organization’s vision for the future. We created a new logo, brand guidelines, messaging platform and digital applications all built around the spirit of taking on challenges head on. The new platform is fearless and optimistic, built to charge into the future as both the program and Braven's reach grows.

Inspired by the climb

Braven is a community of leaders and future leaders. We believe our journey to the top is an adventure. There will always be stumbling blocks, twists and turns, and new challenges ahead, but together we can reach the summit of our potential. We pull each other up as we ourselves climb. We embrace our diverse talents. We blaze new paths so others can follow.

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