Symphonized Audio

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We created a fun and poppy ecommerce experience for Symphonized Audio, makers of handcrafted, all-natural wood headphones and speakers.

The Challenge

Symphonized came to us with the challenge to launch a new branded website that would tell the story of their products in a way that other ecommerce channels couldn’t. While they had been selling their wooden headphones, earbuds and audio accessories on Amazon for years, the platform didn’t allow them to contextualize their products.

Our Approach

We started by studying the competitive market, brands aligned with their style perspective and researching their prospective audience. The audio accessories marketplace is crowded, and for Symphonized to differentiate in the space they needed strong positioning to drive their digital strategy. Our research pointed us to 3 pillars for the Symphonized brand to lean on: bold style, craftsmanship and quality at an affordable price point.

Shoot to Sell

Our competitive research in the audio accessories marketplace brought one fact to the forefront that we couldn’t ignore: audio accessories have definitively migrated from tech to fashion. To appeal to fashion-focused consumers, we knew that photography that functioned to tell both a lifestyle and style story was essential to making the products come to life. We shot Symphonized accessories like we would any fashion accessory, contextualizing products while underscoring the bold colors and wood details that make them a unique statement purchase for stylish consumers.

The Extended Product Page

Our goal for the product pages was to create an immersive experience. Each Symphonized product is packed with finely-crafted details, from the acoustics to the craftsmanship. Our larger-than-life photographic approach shows off the unique style of each product from every angle while poignant copy brings to life the technology behind the product to support the purchase decision.

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