SW Basics

Raw honesty + raw ingredients

What do Oprah, Vogue, and Gwyneth have in common? They all love S.W. Basics of Brooklyn.

The Challenge

THE CHALLENGE In 2011, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn was new skincare product struggling to differentiate in the natural products marketplace. Despite early media attention, the products had yet to generate significant ecommerce sales or distribution outside of regional retailers. When the founder of S.W. Basics, then Sprout Wellness Skincare, came to SMAKK Studios, the primary focus was to break out of the handmade goods niche and appeal to a larger marketshare.


In strategy sessions, we determined that consumers shopping for skincare in their price range valued product effectivity first, values-driven sourcing second. To reach these consumers, we created a value proposition targeting a luxury audience. We built the new S.W. Basics around the brand premise of “minimalist skincare” – a concept that means cutting out fillers and dyes leaving only high-quality ingredients.


We started working with SW Basics when they were just a 1-person operation making product out of founder, Adina Grigore’s, kitchen in 2011. Now they’re selling in high-end chains, retailers, and boutiques internationally including Anthropologie, Whole Foods, and Target. Brand awareness has grown tremendously with features in publications like Vogue, GOOP, InStyle, O Magazine, Town & Country, W and Martha Stewart Living.

A Minimalist Identity

Using fewer ingredients means more potent skincare. And we built the minimalist identity around this concept of raw honesty. From the visual elements, to the packaging, ads, brand voice and website, S.W. Basics is a brand that has nothing to hide: always listing ingredients on the front of the packaging and adopting a frank, approachable tone unlike anything else in the skincare industry.

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