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We created a brand platform for a global powerhouse of organic good.

The Challenge

Suminter is a proven, authentic pioneer in socially responsible, environmentally sustainable organic ingredients and materials. With their visionary global network of organic farming cooperatives producing high-quality, organic materials and consumer products, the brand is introducing products that inspire and delight consumers while innovating ways to help communities and the environment thrive. In the highly competitive global organic space, Suminter required a unique positioning and brand platform to differentiate their company and provide a foundation for future growth as they enter new verticals and markets.

Our Approach

Suminter’s commitment to provide exceptional organic materials, ingredients and products is grounded in their fundamental mission to improve lives and the world – from the environment to communities to consumers. SMAKK’s job was to help to brand appeal to a wide range of audiences including: corporations, consumers, farmers, NGOs and activists while still remaining highly credible with investors, banks and government agencies. To develop a committed and authentic brand that embodied everything that Suminter stands for, it was important that the brand embrace storytelling to share the company’s larger social mission while delighting consumers with a rich, visually impactful identity platform.

The Results

We created a parent brand for Suminter which paved the way for subbrands and evolving product lines. The Suminter mission is straightforward and audacious: offer high quality, trusted organic ingredients, materials and products that delight producers and consumers worldwide – while improving the economic, social and environmental lives of communities. SMAKK’s work embodies juxtaposition of this modern philosophy with the rich network of producers and communities that make up Suminter’s unique supply chain who work everyday to make the world better wherever, however they can.

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