Steve’s Ice Cream

Happiness: now available in your freezer case.

We created branding, packaging and a sweet new ecommerce experience for Steve’s Ice Cream.

The Challenge

SMAKK Studios was contracted to rebrand Brooklyn’s favorite local treat, Steve’s Ice Cream, as they ramped up for national expansion. They wanted to update the brand to appeal to foodies nationwide and needed grown-up identity to match. Steve’s brought SMAKK in to disrupt the freezer case with a complete overhaul to their visual identity and packaging; and design a website to support the unique functionality requirements of selling ice cream online.

Our Approach

We started with a major brand overhaul to match the products’ personality with their distinctly Brooklyn approach to ice cream making. From packaging, POS and trade show signage to their new ecommerce website, we revised the look and feel of the Steve’s brand to reflect their small batch roots and appeal to foodies. The new packaging is sophisticated and flavor-focused: we even asked our favorite typographer, Jessica Hische, to share her deliciously-named font, Buttermilk, to help create the distinctive product labels. To roll out the new brand we worked with noted food and travel photographer, William Hereford, to create gorgeous brand photography and a cheeky messaging platform. Since then, we’ve scaled this across ad campaigns and events to get grown-up ice cream enthusiasts screaming for Steve’s Ice Cream.

The Results

When we began working with the artisanal, chef curated, small batch ice cream brand, our objective was to export Steve’s Ice Cream to the entire nation. Steve’s Ice Cream now has brand awareness coast-to-coast. And retailers like Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway and Williams-Sonoma are selling out of our favorite flavors. Small batch has finally gone big time.

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