Building A Vital, Sustainable Wellness Brand.

We crafted a brand update for STAMBA – a collection of holistic, whole food nutrition products.

STAMBA came to SMAKK for a strategic branding engagement in 2018. Sitting at the nexus of wellness and beauty, the adaptogenic nutrition brand offers a line of supplements, teas, and probiotics sourced from the world's most potent superfoods. We developed STAMBA’s key messaging and visual identity to bolster the brand’s positioning as approachable, holistic, and vital.


The supplements category has evolved quite rapidly in the past 5 years. As we began our strategy development we noted a category shift from brands that are clinical and sterile to the emergence of more lifestyle-driven category leaders. As STAMBA prepped for expansion in their product line, they wanted to clarify the brand proposition and update the visual identity to highlight key differentiators on shelves and in consumer consideration.


Noting STAMBA’s unique product benefits, and product development process, we crafted a positioning statement around the brand’s holistic, organic, whole foods approach to nutrition and the overarching sustainable ethos behind the brand.

Be Vital

STAMBA has sustainability at its core. From the brand’s choice of violet glass reusable bottles, bamboo sustainably-harvested maple caps, and eco-friendly refill pouches they have thoughtfully curated the consumer experience. In developing a complimentary visual identity for the brand, we created a modern, differentiated presence steeped in the whole foods, plants, and organic elements that make its formulas unique. Rich colors, vibrant photography, and botanical illustrations bring the brand to life and clearly differentiate from their clinical, minimalist competitors.

Principled Wellness

Ultimately, STAMBA passionately stands for the balance that comes from honoring our health and the earth together: from product blends, to the minimal impact of its sourcing practices on local environments, to consumers’ overall wellbeing. The whole and superfood formulas are organic, meticulously sourced, crafted for performance and vitality, and delivered in a sustainable packaging program to integrate with a conscious lifestyle.

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