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We rebranded an organic lifestyle company that lives its mission to create a balance of people, planet and product.

The Challenge

SMAKK Studios was tapped to rebrand Satva. Every step in production of their products is considered from an eco-conscious and socially responsible perspective. Our mission was to update their overall parent brand as the company expanded their line of products. From their messaging platform, brand muse, visual identity and digital guidelines, SMAKK pursued a thoughtful, passionate and modern interpretation of the values behind this brand.

Our Approach

We started with a deep dive into the core pillars behind the Satva brand. We conducted extensive audience and competitive research to understand the motivations behind the Satva consumer, and opportunities in the marketplace. What we learned was that even with thoughtful, socially conscious consumers, that can never be at the compromise of style, value and quality. Therefore the brand was positioned to fit with vibrant and inspired lifestyle. Satva means pure in Sanskrit and by defining what purity of purpose, style and quality mean to the brand, we found the authentic core on which to articulate Satva. Through the personification of our brand muse, Passionate Pauline, we explored what a thoughtful, meaningful life, lived to its fullest looks like.

The Results

Ultimately we created a brand based on inspiration. From color to modern aesthetics, a commitment to authenticity and a bohemian sense of adventure, the Satva brand is built on a visual identity and messaging platform that radiates outward with joy, kindness and individuality. For the soon-to-launch skincare line we created a modern and luxurious packaging for organic coconut oil beauty products. The logo expresses movement outward and inward simultaneously, evoking Satva’s centered, yet eco-conscious philosophies. Digitally we recommended an approach that embraces a modern layout aesthetics paired with vibrant, colorful photography.

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