Minnow + Mars

This one's for mom.

A brand-spanking-new ecommerce brand that promises to help you get the family dressed, organized and out the door.

The Challenge

The folks at Minnow + Mars came to SMAKK with an unusual challenge. As an already established company that makes some of our favorite brands and products sold at Target, Kohls and beyond, they wanted to bring their product directly to consumers, online. With product lines that span more categories than we can count (from kitchen to bath to Ninja Turtle backbacks and NFL tees) the new brand promised to make shopping easy for families looking to find their fav’s at approachable price points.

Our Approach

We started by examining how families shop online. Deal-driven and short on time, we found that user experience was just as important as the brand in creating a new family-friendly shopping platform. To truly differentiate the new brand, we needed a strong personality, unique name and a voice/tone that tells Mom’s we get it: “You’re busy, life is messy, but we’ve got your back.” The name Minnow + Mars was born to bring a touch of whimsy to the brand, and we established a frank, funny and ultimately female voice to tell the brand story. The visual identity is bold, colorful and approachable, combining colorblocking and minimalism with surprising elements like hand drawn gifs throughout the website.


The ecommerce platform was created with a heavy emphasis on UX that makes shopping easy, AND fun. Because of the range of product categories, it was incredibly important to design an experience that allows Moms (and kids – our research found that families are increasingly shopping together) to find what they need fast. We also worked with leading edge ecommerce practices that make it easy for users to find, save and bundle together items they’ll love. Additionally, we took an integrated approach to ecommerce strategy, marketing and social media working with influencer content and features driving sales from social media, email campaigns and the Minnow + Mars blog.

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