Mass transit made art

After we redesigned the LinePosters website, their ecommerce revenue increased by 25%.

The Challenge

LinePosters came to SMAKK for a complete website redesign. Their products were in high demand, but their site wasn’t keeping pace with their retail growth. They challenged us to create a site that would increase their online sales and mirror the bold yet elegant look of their product—artistic transit maps from around the world.

Our Approach

Before we dove into the redesign, we took a step back and looked at their previous site as a whole. How could we reinvent their user flow to be more dynamic? What feedback did LinePosters have from their current customers? What questions did they find themselves frequently being asked? What key conversion points were missing? We found strategic answers to these questions as well as developed an innovative way to incorporate a much needed social piece to the puzzle.

The Results

We designed and developed a fully responsive website for LinePosters that dramatically increased sales and expanded their market across the globe.

Putting products on the map

LinePosters needed a way for users to navigate their geographical product offerings. Our solution was an interactive map that allows users to find products by selecting their favorite cities. We also developed a smart solution for mobile devices.

A platform to inspire

LinePosters kept hearing the same question: How can I hang the posters together? People were even hesitating to purchase the artwork because they couldn’t visualize how to display it. We solved this problem by creating a fun and interactive gallery of framing ideas. The site also integrates social channels like Instagram so LinePosters enthusiasts can share their photos on the site by tagging #LinePosters.

Show (don't tell) a good story

LinePosters was founded by a graphic design and engineering duo who started selling posters from card tables across NYC. Their company is bigger now, but their commitment to quality and great design hasn’t changed. We brought their story to life on the about page and incorporated a video that shows their hand screen printing process in Brooklyn.

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