Fit for all.

We crafted the brand and ecommerce experience for an apparel brand that designs gear for the everyday athlete.

The Challenge

JuxuSport’s mission is to design high-tech athletic apparel for the everyday athlete — not for sports stars and celebrities. They carry sizes and designs that look great on real people and they welcome detailed feedback from their customers that they actually listen to and use to create a more perfect product. Our challenge was to bring this story to life through visual design and messaging, as well as to create a robust platform that could facilitate this unique customer and business interaction.

Our Approach

Our goal with the design was to show how JuxuSport is a brand in motion. The logo has a sense of upward mobility and we carried that theme throughout the design elements that we created. We also chose to pair bold headlines with rich photography and video as a way to feature the everyday athlete.

Fit for all.

Our inspiration for the JuxuSport tagline “Fit for All” came from the idea that fitness is attainable for everyone and every body. We crafted a language based around this idea and the mission of JuxuSport which is to make clothes with you in mind. Strong statements empower customers to achieve their goals, and look good doing it too.

Sportswear shopping on the go

We designed and developed the website with best practices in mind, including creating a world-class mobile experience for customers. Product pages feature product technology and details and trigger emails invite customers back to give detailed product reviews to get deeper feedback from customers, an integral part of their business model.

A robust customer feedback experience

Our UX team designed a user feedback experience in digestible nuggets so that customers can easily review their clothing in detail without becoming overwhelmed by the process. The JuxuSport team then uses this information to design their next iteration of the clothing.

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