Gamifying the user experience

We created a revolutionary user experience that helped dramatically increase qualified leads for Jirafe.

The Challenge

Jirafe is the commerce intelligence solution of choice for leading brands like Joe Fresh, Nasty Gal, and GE. They came to SMAKK for a branding refresh and new website. The challenge was one that many great technology companies like Jirafe face: “How do you tell the full story of a powerful, complex software product without overwhelming your audience?” Jirafe also challenged us with simplifying their product tours and differentiating them from the competition.

Our Approach

Our strategy from the start was to show, not tell. When a product can do a lot, it’s tempting to write an encyclopedia about it, but Jirafe’s software capabilities speak louder than words. We created a dynamic site where people can experience Jirafe’s analytical tools in action based on their individual needs. We also increased qualified leads by applying game-design thinking to an online form.

Technology is about the people who use it

And how it makes their lives easier. We created a wide range of professional personas to demonstrate how Jirafe helps real people be effective on a daily basis. Users can discover how Jirafe’s tools are tailored to help professionals like them in specific job roles. Each profile includes a comprehensive Q/A section and simple demos of the product in action.

Rich Testimonials

When your customers are happy, let them tell your story.

Take a personalized product tour

We created an immersive product tour page with dynamic content that changes based on the needs of the user. Select the size of your company and see how Jirafe can benefit you. Watch quick-hit videos that demo Jirafe’s analytical tools and compare Jirafe’s features to the competition.

Improving Customer Engagement

We developed a blog platform for Jirafe to support their existing users and improve their SEO. Here they can share relevant news and expert content that helps clients get the most out of their product. We also integrated this content throughout the website for a more immersive experience.

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