A Simple System for Healthier Habits

A brand, packaging, and digital update for a stop smoking system that celebrates life-changing choices.

A New Approach for a Proven Solution

When one of the leading smoking cessation programs needed a brand revamp to move from white label to B2C, they came to SMAKK for our strategic consultation and creative expertise in consumer wellness brands. Working with the Habitrol team, we conducted competitive surveys, tracked trends in consumer wellness, poured over consumer feedback, then refined the brand's positioning to capitalize on white space in the market. Leaning into the brand's core strengths, we updated the visual identity, messaging, website, and FDA compliant packaging for this OTC system to roll out in global retail including CVS, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.

Celebrating Healthy Habits

Based on the brand's decades of proven results, we refined the brand's messaging to reflect the values that make it most effective: it's approachable, user-friendly products, the system's ability to let users take their own pace, and the simplicity of the solution. The result is a visual presence that appeals to a broad base of potential consumers with a friendly, hopeful color palette, and simple, straightforward messaging. The website reinforces these brand propositions and underscores the effectivity of the program with social proof and testimonials.


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