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We rebranded an award winning salon & blow out membership program with locations around the country.

The Challenge

Glam+Go came to SMAKK in 2017 for a revamp in their visual identity. Their original look was fun and young but they wanted to take a more sophisticated, modern approach that would be scalable as they continued to add more locations. Our mission was to update the brand to appeal to all of their audience types as well as support Glam+Go's future growth. From their logo, messaging platform, signage, and printed materials, SMAKK pursued a thoughtful strategy for simultaneously aiding their growth and separating them from the pack in a saturated market.

Our Approach

We began by deep diving into Glam+Go's audience to understand who they are, their likes, dislikes, behaviors, and motivations. From there, we completed extensive market research to understand the current status of the space and to find ways to differentiate. What we learned was that although the market is saturated, Glam+Go can stand out against the pack, amongst other ways, by understanding and showing support for their customer and her busy lifestyle to provide a combination of luxury and convenience.

The Results

Grounded in the roots of the fashion world, we created a visual identity that's sophisticated and modern but still timeless. From color to photography, and messaging that resonates with clients, the Glam+Go band is built on a visual identity and messaging platform that empathizes with customers' busy lives and provides the best combination of luxury and convenience.

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