EOS Fitness

Today, not someday.

We created an inspiring brand platform for the Southwest's largest chain of fitness centers.

The Challenge

Eos Fitness came to us as they were rebranding their franchise of Gold's Gyms into a new, unique fitness concept. While the gyms had a core group of engaged members, the previous branding was didn't match the approachable, egalitarian approach to fitness and wellness that the management and staff embraced.

Our Approach

To better tell the brand story, we looked to messages of inspiration to engage potential members. We developed a tagline and logo system that embraced the carpe diem attitude that differentiates Eos: "Today, Not Someday." The sporty, approachable visual identity amplifies this message with an energetic color palette and bold photography. SMAKK worked with Eos to launch the new brand across all channels, from interior and exterior signage, print collateral, corporate communications and digital guidelines.

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