Denise Mari

Vibrant vegan living

We helped Denise Mari launch her namesake lifestyle brand with a fresh visual identity and website.

The Challenge

Denise Mari, the founder of the celebrity-favorite juice company Organic Avenue, came to SMAKK for help launching her personal brand. The vegan lifestyle guru was preparing for the launch of her unique hospitality concept, Mari Manor Bed & Cleanse and her upcoming book release. She needed a visual identity design as well as a scalable digital platform with ecommerce functionality, booking capabilities for her B&B and a blog to connect with her growing audience.

A fresh and clean identity

We created a visual identity that mirrors Denise Mari’s commitment to clean-living, veganism and her fashion-forward style. Clean lines paired with bright, happy accent colors visually represent the joy that is at the heart of her philosophy.

A truly inspired mark

Your lifestyle, diet, and outlook on life affect your body, the earth, the cycle of life, and your ability to do good in the world. This “infinity concept” is rooted in the core values of Denise Mari brand, and it was our inspiration for this vibrant mark. The clean, parallel lines represent balance and strength.

An online hub for everything Mari

We created a powerful, multi-functional online tool for Denise Mari to grow her brand. The site beautifully incorporates lifestyle products, a blog for connecting with her audience, a microsite for her Bed & Breakfast concept in the Hamptons called Mari Manor Bed & Cleanse, and a platform for her book, Organic Avenue: Recipes For Life, Made With LOVE.

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