Dao Labs

Balance from within

We created a modern identity for brand bringing 3,000 years of Chinese wellness to Western markets.

The Challenge

Dao Labs came to SMAKK to create a brand platform including a visual identity, messaging and packaging design for their new line of wellness formulas. While Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a common treatment for ailments and overall wellness in Asia, this proven methodology is not widely known in the US. SMAKK was challenged to create a simple and modern brand that would make this often misunderstood holistic medicine feel approachable, credible and essential to a balanced lifestyle.

Our Approach

The brand SMAKK created for Dao Labs draws on the core tenets of Daoism - minimalism and balance. We also developed language conventions that mix the messages of this philosophy with the functional benefits of the products. Working with photography that reveals balance in nature and illustrations that show the pure ingredient blends in the products, we created a suite of unique visual elements the brand can use across a range of applications. The packaging is designed to differentiate from other water soluble wellness products with a shelf presence that embodies Daoism at its center.

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