Arc & Grace

Empowering a fashion movement.

We conceptualized a new activewear brand for plus size women.

The Challenge

SMAKK was given the opportunity to brand an entirely new clothing line that focuses on fitness apparel for plus size women, a demographic underserved and marginalized but most activewear makers. Our first challenge was to develop a name that embodied the mission and direction of the company.

Our Approach

We wanted to create a brand that would bring to life the beauty of movement and empower plus size active women. Arc was selected for being emblematic of a curvy feminine shape. It also suggests movement and the progression of an epic story. Grace itself is a feminine ideal: what we strive for in yoga, barre classes and pilates, as well as everyday life and the regular challenges that come with it.

The Results

The brand we conceptualized is inherently graceful and powerful. It tells the story of a strong and inspirational woman. We put together a fresh new look and feel that would encourage and empower active women everywhere.

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