The power of giving: amplified.

From naming to web design, we created a brand for Amplifier that launched giving circles across the globe.

The Challenge

In 2014, the innovative Jewish giving network, Natan, received a grant from the Schusterman Family Foundation to start a new kind of hands-on giving circle platform. One that helps anyone start and sustain a community of givers to fund any issue. SMAKK was brought on to develop a brand that could become a scalable platform for people to create, manage and connect giving circles. Our biggest challenge was to engage and energize more “next gen” Jewish philanthropists and millennials through technology and design.


Research, research, research. We conducted focus groups with giving circle leaders, held brainstorm sessions with Rabbis, ran brand workshops, and interviewed potential users. In creating the brand, we drew inspiration from their passion for philanthropy and stories that spanned personal anecdotes to religious texts and folklore.

The Power in a Name

A core Jewish tenet is to cultivate the practice doing good deeds again and again. As the proverb goes, it’s better to cultivate the practice of charity by giving just one one coin a thousand times, than to give a thousand coins at once. This core value and teaching lead us to the name Amplifier, rooted in the power of multiplying good deeds.

Getting the message out

Amplifier has a bold mission and one we needed to share with the many people out there who want to be change-makers. We created a messaging platform for Amplifier that not only details their mission, but excites a generation to get involved. We designed a website to introduce Amplifier to a would-be philanthropists and inspire giving circles to get ready to change the world.

An identity built to grow

Simple, bright, inspirational, colorful and bold, the Amplifier visual identity is about connecting people to give together. We created a robust identity with icons, photography directions, and design elements built to grow as the Amplifier platform scales. The rings around the logo and recurring circular motifs in the identity represent a stone landing in a pond and creating a ripple effect.

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