Alice Hope

For the girl who does it all, in style.

We created the brand and ecommerce experience for an inspiring new fashion collection.

The Challenge

When Light Inc. decided to launch a new direct-to-consumer fashion brand after 30 years of designing white label contemporary lines, they came to SMAKK Studios. For their new brand, Alice Hope (launching Summer 2015), they wanted to design a line for today’s professional girl who deserves it all – sophisticated, high-quality clothing at a fraction of the price. They asked SMAKK Studios to collaborate with them to develop their brand, visual identity, messaging, ecommerce website and launch campaign.

Our Approach

Clean silhouettes with a dash of wit are the hallmarks of Alice Hope. We designed a brand and ecommerce experience for the girl who inspires us – the cosmopolitan professional who is hopeful, sophisticated and confident. She’s a smart, hardworking girl who believes she can be herself and embrace her personal style without compromise.


The Alice Hope brand embodies a bold spirit – from the fresh minimal logo, to sunshine yellow accents and friendly, positive messaging built around one simple concept: hope. Our soon-to-launch ecommerce website showcases Alice Hope’s modern, sophisticated style with a clean designs, delightful dashes of surprise and a touch of wit.

Meet Alice Hope

Our launch campaign for Alice Hope uses real professional women as models, women who inspire us with their positivity, authentic and hope. We produced an integrated campaign concept to drive brand awareness with OOH, digital and a clever social media campaign that will bring Alice Hope into our muse’s everyday lives with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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