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Tradition Meets Innovation

NOOCI, a new supplement brand rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), tapped us to create a brand platform that embraced its ancient roots while building a modern, holistic wellness routine.



As the wellness industry continues to grow, supplements have evolved to meet the demands of an educated audience committed to building better, healthier lifestyles. Still, one of the oldest forms of health and wellness, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), remains largely unexplored in the U.S. due (in part) to its mysterious reputation. Hoping to bridge this gap for western audiences is NOOCI, who partnered with SMAKK to create an identity based in transparency and science while fostering accessibility to the world of TCM.

What We Loved

What We Loved About This Project

NOOCI was founded by Stephanie Tan, a Hong Kong-born/U.S.-educated entrepreneur with a global perspective and an ambition to break down the opaque veneer of TCM-based supplements by giving it a broader sense of community to make it accessible to all. Our work had to highlight this as well as stress the company’s incredibly transparent sourcing of ingredients and products, strict manufacturing, sustainable mission and welcoming philosophy to show where NOOCI fit in along a modern customer’s wellness journey.

What We Did

What We Did

SMAKK created the brand strategy, messaging and overall visual identity, including packaging design, website design and marketing assets to support the launch across social and email. We also developed product naming conventions to provide a sense of unity across the product line, while also communicating the unique benefit of each product. Testing these various elements was an incredibly important piece of the strategy behind the brand building, helping the NOOCI team to craft the right messaging and voice that could provide education and persuade TCM skeptics.



After a successful DTC launch, NOOCI rode this early success straight into Nordstrom’s, both online and in select stores. For extra festive cheer, they were featured as part of the Bonberi holiday pop-up at the flagship store in NYC.

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