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Conscious Step


We developed a new visual identity and brand messaging foundation for socks that give back.

ordinary purchase, extraordinary purpose. every conscious step purchase supports one of our extraordinary partner organizations and the communities they serve. that adds up to sweeping support for the causes you care about.


When you make a purchase from Conscious Step, you’re not just buying incredibly comfortable socks. You’re also supporting one of 17 partner organizations working to promote ecological conservation, find life-saving cures, and ensure human rights. In addition to the charitable giveback component, Conscious Step has also built a cleaner supply chain that protects the environment and ensures fair pay and safe conditions for its producers. It’s a brand with a lot of rich stories to tell, and it approached SMAKK to help crystallize its messaging and develop a new visual identity.

What We Loved


We always look to partner with brands that are using their powers for good, and Conscious Step is exactly that, from its clean supply chain to its non-profit partnerships. We also welcomed the challenge to craft a brand that not only needed to stand out as a differentiated consumer brand, but also needed to represent Conscious Step as a credible partner for dozens of partner NGOs and non-profit organizations.

What we did


Since Conscious Step was an existing brand, we started with research, analyzing how people were currently interacting with the brand and its website. Our research led us to a key insight: Product names and descriptions that centered a solution (“Socks that Find a Cure”) rather than a problem (“Socks that Fight Disease”) performed better. With this in mind, we crafted positive, empowering brand messaging that invited everyone to participate in world-changing initiatives through a simple, every day purchase, and we created a friendly and approachable brand identity to match. We also created guidelines about how to incorporate partner artwork, photography, logos and other assets to make sure that Conscious Step was equipped to spotlight a variety of causes without diluting their own brand’s look and feel.



Upon the relaunch, Conscious Step saw 3.5X growth in ecommerce revenue and a +4% increase in website conversion rates. It also landed several retail partnerships with the likes of Macy’s and Kohl’s as well as a feature in Goop.


Positive language and vibrant visuals work together to give Conscious Step a platform to grow its mission, positioning it to grow both its partner network and its customer community.

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